2017 Color Trends

Every year there are new hair trends that make their way through our salon, and every year, we’re blown away by the creativity we see. A new cut or color can boost your confidence, and new trends are a great way to change up your look and show off your personality. Although some hair trends won’t be everybody’s favorite, here are a few that we’ve fallen in love with.

Jet Black/Goth Brown
Head on over to the dark side! Dark hair, especially jet black and goth brown, are making their way back into the hair color scene. This look is great for the cooler weather that’s heading our way in the upcoming months. This look, with it’s luster and shine, are sure to make a memorable statement.

“Millennial Pink”
Rosy hues including blush and baby pink have taken over everything from appliances to furniture, so it’s only fitting that the color has made it’s way to the salon. Whether you’re looking to add the shade to your ends or your whole head, millennial pink will give you a fresh, youthful look.

Balayage and Babylights
This look is absolutely perfect for fall. Pick up the hues and tones of fall by adding subtle creams and highlights to your look. You’ll get a bright, youthful, and dimensional look, with added grown out roots to round it out, and make the whole thing look effortless. The balayage trend continues to be immensely popular this year, and will continue to be throughout the fall.

Ash Blonde
This cool tone is flattering for many shades of skin and different eye colors, and will add a soft, youthful dimension to your look. Adding ashy tones to all your locks is a great way to make a statement, or if you’re looking for a more subtle look, some face-framing highlights is another great option.

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