Erik Mollegaard

Erik Mollegaard (owner)

Erik Mollegaard has been the owner of DJ’s Hair Designs, Inc. for 20 years, and he’s been a hair stylist and designer in Menlo Park for over 30 years.

Originally from Denmark, Eric attended the Academy of Cosmetology in Copenhagen for 4 years, and immigrated to the US shortly after completing his studies there.

“My design work has always included everything from the beauty classics to the popular cuts of the day, including body waves and creative color work,” said Eric. “I love my work, keeping up with my clients comings and goings, and greeting people who come through the door at DJ’s.”

In fact, Erik never knows a stranger. “I like to make everyone feel welcome,” he added.

Unfortunately, we all are judged by our appearance—from head to toe, and that includes the way your hair looks and is styled. For both men and women, appearance has become the first impression people have of you. It’s very important in business and your private life as well, and it can greatly impact your success. Helping people look better is why I do what I do, and it is this that’s given me the greatest satisfaction throughout my career.

Call Erik: 650-321-2190